Do you draw a blank screen when you enter the kitchen to prepare your meals? Well, sometimes I do too. That’s why I look to helpful videos like this one to give me inspiration.

Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end so you don’t miss any of Gordon’s ideas.

So, watch these 10 surprisingly useful (and sometimes unusual) cooking tips to make life easier for you in the kitchen. You’ll discover useful skills for amateur chefs and novices alike. Some include:

  • how to ripen fruit quickly
  • cut herbs perfectly
  • or get rid of chili from your finger
  • plus many more!

If your taste is not watching videos, I included the complete transcript so you can read below…

Love to Cook? Discover 10 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tips by Gordon Ramsay to Make Your Job in the Kitchen 10 Times Easier!

Tip 1: Secret to Chopping Herbs to Get Maximum Flavor

Always chop herbs not bruised. Since, basil is a soft herb, treat it with some respect. When people go mad chopping herbs, all the goodness comes out on the board, but, personally I want the goodness left inside the basil.

Place the basil leaves all inside one another with the largest leaf at the bottom. It’s almost like rolling a cigar, large one at the bottom, small ones in the center, and then place them down together.Then roll them nice and gently without bruising.

Rolling Complete – Now the Slicing

Now, that you have completed rolling the basil leaves, you are ready to slice. Having a good, sharp knife you are use to handling is imperative. Having your fingers tucked in the bottom part of your knuckle is the guide between you and the herbs.

Practice rolling the knife across the board and relaxing your wrist. Remember,  it’s all in the wrist action so herbs won’t go up your fingernails tucked underneath. Just go up and down, up and down and there you have a chop basil that’s not bruised and smelling very fragrant.

No Hacking Just Chopping – Coriander That Is!

So you get the bunch of coriander, hold it down, and just lightly shave the leaves off the stalls. Bunch them up together and once again let the knife do the work.

Tuck your fingernails in and chop once and once only. Don’t Hack It! Just Chop! This is the technique most famous chefs in popular restaurants use.

You can always identify when you bruise the herb when you’ve removed the herbs off the board. There’s a big green patch full of flavor and none of the goodness is left on the chopping board.

Tip 2: How to Ripen Unripened Fruit

If you have fruit that’s not perfectly ripe, place a banana in a paper bag. Add your unripe fruit to the bag, the place bag in a dark place. The banana will speed up the ripening process of the other fruit.

Tip 3: How to Cut a Mango The Right Way

Slice into a mango and cut it up into squares along the skin. Then, bend the mango and cut out the even squares.

Tip 4: Prevent Burning Sensitive Skin When Working With Chilies

Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice to instantly get rid of the burning sensation on your skin caused by chilies.

Tip 5: Cooking Perfect Boiled Potatoes

For perfect boiled potatoes, always start them off in cold water, never boiling water. This way, by the time the centers of he potatoes are cooked, the outside won’t be falling apart.

Tip 6: Removing Flesh From Kiwi

Simply cut the fruit in half and scoop out with a teaspoon Try it! It really works I absolutely love this fruit. It has the most amazing sweet delicious flavor with a really nice crunchy texture.

And, the most exciting thing about kiwi is that they’re just as delicious raw or cooked. You can identify the perfect kiwi by its smoothness, firmness, and without a wrinkle inside

Tip 7: How to Cut the Perfect Pepper

Cut off the stalk and flip it over. Start from the top and start slicing around the seeds. It makes the remaining pieces much easier to cut up.

Now we’re gonna cut it into a julienne by flattening the pepper skin side down onto the board since it’s a lot easier to slice through the pepper.

Simply, lift your knife up and down and basically julienne (a  chef’s word for strips).

These are absolutely perfect  that’s what we’re looking because they’re crunchy, delicious and more importantly, no seeds.

Tip 8: Is Your Pineapple Ripe?

You can check to make sure your pineapple is ripe by pulling a leaf out from the top. If it comes away easily it’s ripe and ready for slicing.

Tip 9: Want Your Meat or Fish to Cook Faster?

Get your meat or fish to cook faster by scoring it. Scoring means cutting slits on the surface of the meat or fish. allowing the heat to penetrate quicker. Also, this allows mayonnaise to be absorbed more deeply.

Tip 10: No More Brown Fruits & Vegetables

Stop your potatoes, apples, and avocados from going brown. Simply wink cut, cover with water and add a squeeze of lemon. The acidity stops the flesh from oxidizing, which is what causes the color to change.


I hope you learned something from these incredibly useful cooking tips and they helped you in your search for finding ways to relieve your stressful kitchen duty.

And, if you get stuck for more recipe ideas, I’ve found several programs to help you deliver fantastic meals (restaurant recipes) to your family.

The one I recommend is America’s Restaurant Recipes by Ron Douglas.

Enjoy your meals & I’ll talk to you again real soon! – Jean

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