basic cooking skills for single adults

basic cooking skills for single adults

We at Bright Side love overcoming challenges..

That’s why we’ve collected 14 of the most useful culinary hacks that will not only save your time and ease your nerves but also boost your skills in the kitchen.

Do you want to know how to cook a perfect piece of bacon, prevent a sliced cake from getting stale, and make sure that knife won’t slip and cut you while you’re using it? If your answer is yes, keep reading.

14: Perfect Hamburger Patties

If you want your burger to fry fast and evenly, form a dimple in the center of the patty before throwing it on the pan. It’ll disappear by the time the burgers are ready since they even out while they cook.

And, this simple trick will cut down the cooking time and prevent that annoying weird burger bubbling we’ve all witnessed at one time or another

13. Cutting a Nice  Piece of Cake

You’re probably all too familiar with the problem of cake sticking to the knife when you go to slice it. And, you always get that mini panic attack as you watch the beauty of your dessert being ruined by your own hand.

To avoid this catastrophe, put the knife under hot running water, hold it there for some time, and then cut your cake. This simple gesture will prevent the sweet goodness from sticking to the blade

12. Making a Lemon Juice Spray

It’s actually pretty easy to make your own lemon juice spray. Take a small spritzer into a lemon and it’ll work just like any other kitchen or bathroom spray pump. If it feels like the liquid inside has run out squeeze the lemon and you’ll get more juice out of it

11. Determining Portion Sizes With Your Hand

Sometimes you don’t have a kitchen scale on hand, but the recipe calls for exact measurements. No worries! Just use your own hand to measure out the portions you need. When we’re talking about things like butter, margarine or mayonnaise your fingernail will help you out. Its size equals one teaspoon of these types of ingredients.

To weigh fish or meat, put it on the palm of your hand and if it fits just within the palm, it weighs about three and a half ounces. If you really need to determine the correct portion of chips or crackers, pour them out into your palms. Two handfuls of these crunchy delights will equal about one ounce or you could just eat the whole bag.

One handful of pasta rice or beans will be the same as 1/2 a cup of these products. The size of your thumb will equal one or two tablespoons of cheese or peanut butter. And, finally to get the right measurements of grains, soup, fruits, and vegetables, remember that one fist is the same as 1 cup of these foods.

10. Preventing Knife From Slipping

The kitchen can be an area of heightened danger, especially when you’re dealing with sharp objects like knives. You should always keep knife handles clean and grease free.  But, if you want to take extra care to stop your knife from slipping wrap some rubber bands around the handle

9, Figuring Out How Sour a Lemon Is

There’s one simple trick here. The thinner the peel, the more sour the lemon. Armed with this knowledge, you can go to the grocery store and confidently choose the best option for your citrus fruit needs. Its outer shell feels a bit soft, its sourness is somewhere in the middle of the range, while the harder lemons will bring tears to your eyes

8. Frying a sausage

If you fry sausages in a pan, you might face the problem of uneven cooking. To deal with this issue and to fry them uniformly both inside and out, make small cuts along the sausages and use low heat to cook them.

7. Checking If Egg is Fresh

Open your fridge and skeptically observe the eggs on the shelves. How long have they been in there? Are they still good to fry with bacon? A simple visual test will help you check.

If you missed the chance to have a delicious and safe omelet, crack an egg onto a white plate and pay attention to the egg white and the yolk.

If they’re a bit too much on the runny side this egg isn’t as fresh as it should be. Also, if it doesn’t have any green, gray or black spots it’s probably still good to eat

6. Keeping a Sliced Cake Fresh

If you’ve recently got a delicious cake for your birthday but can’t manage to eat it all at once don’t worry. There’s one very creative way to prevent it from getting stale.

Attach slices of toast to the cut edges of the cake using toothpicks. Your lovely pastry will be safely protected until you get the urge to cut into it again

5.Calculating the Time Needed to Boil a Perfect Egg

Are you a picky one when it comes to how you like your hard-boiled eggs? Be honest, if you like to boil an egg for two minutes if you like the yolk thin and runny.and the white on the runny side to four minutes. Or, maybe you prefer a completely cooked white with thick runny yolk in 6 minutes.

Perhaps, you want an egg with a completely cooked white and mostly cooked yolk but still a bit runny in the very middle eight minutes. If your favorite egg is one of the fully cooked white and the soft yolk ten minutes.If you like both the yolk and the white cooked completely to their max

4. Storing Leafy Greens

It’s better to store leafy greens wrapped up in foil as it holds the right amount of moisture inside. This way your delicious healthy greens will stay fresh much longer

3. Cooking Perfect Bacon

The secret to cooking the perfect bacon is simple. Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and place the bacon on a piece of foil. Bake iit for 12 minutes, make it 15 to 20 if the bacon is thick. Then, get your tongs out and transfer it onto a plate covered with paper towel to let it drain and finish getting crispy

2. Reheating Pizza

if you’ve cooked up a nice homemade pizza or let’s be honest the delivery guy just brought it piping hot. But it’s managed to get cold while you’re so politely waiting for family or friends to arrive. Simply throwing it back into the oven to reheat won’t work.

Your perfect pizza will quickly become drier and tougher than it was when it just came out of the oven. But, there is one trick that will help to reheat your pizza properly. Spray it with some water before heating it up in the oven, nobody will ever know the difference

1. Cutting Steak Correctly

Meat lovers listen up. Cut your steak against the grain. This way it won’t tear apart and you’ll get perfect slices. Your meat will become easier to chew, and it’s no wonder you’ve already done the hardest work and broken up the muscle fibers.

BONUS: if you’re the type of person who can appreciate the taste of an Oreo cookie dipped in a cold glass of milk, here’s a trick for you.

To dip the whole cookie in the glass and avoid getting your fingers covered in crumbs or milk, use a fork, stick the prongs between the top and the bottom of the cookie where it’s creamy deliciousness is found and hold it in the milk for as long as your little heart desires

Take Control of Your Life With These Basic Cooking Skills

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I hope you enjoyed reading about these basic cooking skills for single adults and you will use them and see how they impact the way you cook.

And, I wish you good luck on preparing a dish from your favorite restaurant!

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