cooking ideas for beef

cooking ideas for beef

Where’s The Beef? Yes, beef is one of the most popular meats people enjoy eating today. Although, cooking beef does require some special techniques.

But, when achieving certain cooking ideas for beef, the end results are out of this world.

Experience A Sure Thing With These Cooking Ideas for Beef

Experienced chefs have spent countless years of observation and experience to get their beef looking and tasting out of this world.

But, it doesn’t take years to achieve the small details that will get you excited about cooking.

So, give these  beef cooking ideas a try the next time you cook up some beef, and watch your meals go from tasteless to tasty.

A Simple Way to Cook a Burger

A grilled hamburger is so easy to make and taste so much better than the drive-thru burger. All you need is medium ground beef, an egg, breads crumbs or crushed crackers.

Season with your favorite seasonings or add barbecue sauce for a smoky flavor. For juicier burgers, add one-eighth cup of ice water to beef before forming patties.

Quick Solution for Sticking Meatloaf

Tired of meatloaf that sticks to the pan? Simply,toss in a slice of raw bacon before adding meat to the pan, and say toodle-oo to the sticking. Even though, this may not be the healthiest alternative but the taste is so flavorsome.

Stop! Don’t Salt Before Cooking

Did you know one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to cooking meat is salting it prior to cooking?

Salting actually draws the juices out and delays the browning of the meat.

Instead, wait until the meat is half cooked, then add salt. You can taste it when it’s done to see if more salt is needed. The result is juicy, tasty meat with little salt.

Cooking is a great adventure when you know how to make the process simple and fun. I get the feeling you will be extremely pleased with the results of your efforts when trying these cooking ideas for beef.

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I hope you enjoyed these cooking ideas for beef and will stop by often.

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