Do you have a lot of recipes that call for onions? I’m sure you probably have a lot of favorite recipes that call for onions in the ingredient section.

But, if you’re like me, you do more crying than cutting.

That’s because, it takes you so long to cut your vegetable.

Don’t you just dread cutting onions?

Me Too! So, I did a bit of research and found this cool cooking tips for beginners video on how to cut an onion fast. And, believe me, this works!

Oh, I included the transcript from the video in case you want to read it.

how to cut an onion fast

how to cut an onion fast

Excellent Video For Cooks: Cooking Tips For Beginners: How To Cut An Onion Fast – Never Worry About Crying Over Onions Again!

Are you ready to go? Here’s your how to cut an onion fast video transcript. Read it below…

.I know I do! I’m going to show you how to cut an onion fast so that you hopefully won’t cry and need a pair of these.

To start, take a very sharp knife and cut the top off the end. Then you’re going to cut through the root straight across the onion.

Next, you’re going to take the outer peels of the onion and take it off just like this. Now, you’re going to peel the outside layer of the

onion off like this.

Cutting Horizontal Slices in Onion

Pulling it off, take your knife and you’re going to cut first three to four horizontal slices through the onion like this.

Then, you’re gonna do some vertical, making sure not to cut through the stem end of the onion.

Depending on what size you need just across ,put your fingers like this, to make sure that you don’t lock them off .

Squeezing the onion on the sides like a baseball so it all stays together. That is how you chop an onion. No tears involved!


I hope these beginner cooking tips will come in handy for you when cutting your next onion.

And, now that you know you can cut onions when preparing your favorite meals, you won’t have to worry about bringing out a box of Kleenex,

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