While searching for some good ways to save money simply by cooking, I discovered this free slow cooker beef stew recipe on video. So that you can read instead of watching, I transcribed the video recipe for you. Read it below…

Want to Cook Up Free Slow Cooker Beef Stew? Informative Video Teaches You How!

Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel so apologies for the disheveled look I have been to the market today so I am well layered up and I am also well full of a cold but I’m going to do a very quick and easy T in my slow cooker.And, I thought I would share it with you.

It’s basically leftovers, but as I have mentioned quite a lot on here, I am NOT a fan of throwing things away. Whether it’s food or materials and things like that, I try my very best to reuse them or to make something out of it so it’s not just wasted.

So, I thought I would take you through my leftover beef slow cooker stew casserole shoe stew I think it’s called or a crock pot recipe Hopefully, it will give you a bit of inspiration as well

What Leftovers Go In Free Slow Cooker Beef Stew?

I’ll show you what I’ve got and if you are a vegetarian or vegan and prefer not to see the cooked meat then look away. Now, going into my slow cooker I’ve already popped some air peas in there which are a free food and our protein.

And, I’ve got the leftover beef from Sunday lunch just ready to dice. I’m opening from courgettes perhaps just one project to be fair I have some Swede which is going in sweet and I believe is a speed food,

What else? Muffin top in there and parsnip, which is a free food that’s not feed. Then last or once you can fix them out and in the bottom of the bag and I can’t get them out. One, two, three of those and pinion, so I’ll get back to you once I’ve diced all this.

Time to Bring Out the Chopping Board!

So to create some more room on my chopping board I’m gonna do these little stages. There’s already peas in there. I’ve diced the beef, onion and carrots. I’m just gonna pop all of that straight into the slow cooker.

Okay, so the next  in the slow cooker is a chopped parsnips courgettes. I’ve got a tin of tomatoes and the tender potatoes so like I said nice and simple okay there we go everything prepared.

All I need to do now is top it off with a bit of water. I have added two stock cubes and half a teaspoon of mustard powder. I have just realized though that I have not put my Sweden, so I might stick this through the microwave and serve it with a sweet mash.

When I serve it I know it is done. I’m just gonna put some salt and pepper on and that’s it. Jobs done quick, simple, and easy meal.. Thank you as always for watching and I’ll catch you all say bye.

About the slow cooker beef video:

If you want to save on meals, check this video for free slow cooker beef stew. It provides a very quick and simple way of using up some leftovers but 100% on plan and very tasty.

Please comment below on the video or, let us know about your favorite leftover beef recipe. – Jean

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