Cooking is something that one can always learn more about and share with others.

And, learning different ways to cook chicken can be one of the best things you will ever do to improve your cooking skills.

Chicken is a favorite at my house. So, I would like to share with you several ways I have learned to prepare chicken over the years.

3 Different Ways to Cook Chicken

Trying these different ways to cook chicken can add to your enjoyment of cooking and give you information that can enhance your skills.

Tip #1-  A Simple Way to Cook Poultry

Rather than using a roasting rack to cook the chicken, simply slice an onion and put the slices in an oiled pan. Next, place the chicken on top of the onions.

While cooking, the onions will absorb the juices of the chicken. This will come in handy when you prepare a sauce from the onions by pouring water or stock into the pan. Then let the sauce cook on high for 3 minutes.

Tip #2 – So Moist & Tasty

Soak the poultry in a brine solution composed of water and salt overnight before cooking, This process will help to unlock the flavors buried in the meat and make the poultry moist and succulent, creating an incredible tasty dish.

This tip is especially important if your family tends to eat a lot of chicken! Remember to always brine the poultry as it will lock in flavor.

Otherwise, you are left with a dry piece of chicken that merely has whatever herbs and spices you chose coated on the outside rather than penetrating every bite.

Tip #3 – Nothing Like a Slow Cooker

To have a chicken meal ready when you get home from work, instead of going to a local restaurant,  use a slow cooker or crock pot. Simply put the chicken and any other ingredients you want to add into the crock pot first thing in the morning,

Add add some water and set the heat. Now, you can go shopping, go to work or just sit back & relax.

Or perhaps, you  like preparing the ingredients the night before and putting them in the fridge.

Add everything to the crock pot in the morning before you go to work. You’ll have a delicious chicken dinner ready to serve without having to rush.

It can be a skill, a gift, and a hobby. It can bring families together and is something that can be passed along to future generations.

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Are you ready to get started? The helpful tips above, no doubt, will contribute to you making a delicious meal! The above are just a few suggestions to inspire you to give cooking a try or perhaps a second chance! Enjoy!

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